Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Lorain, OH

Dual diagnosis treatment in Lorain promotes healing for addiction that is accompanied by a mental disorder. Therapeutic intervention in dual diagnosis treatment programs identifies the type of mental illness while also exploring the severity of the drug or alcohol addiction. Patients who are experiencing addictive behaviors due to mental health disorders are guided through dual diagnosis for addiction treatment for the best chance at recovery.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When a patient experiences a mental health disorder along with the misuse of drugs or alcohol, it is important for this individual to seek entry into one of our available dual diagnosis treatment programs for drug detox in Lorain. Dual diagnosis for addiction treatment offers the best hope for recovery since it identifies the underlying mental issue that is contributing to the patient's addictive tendencies.

One of the primary benefits of dual diagnosis treatment programs is that they offer a variety of therapeutic experiences, enabling the patient to benefit in as many ways as possible. Both individual and group therapies are included.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction

Dual diagnosis goes hand-in-hand with addiction, which is why addiction is often referred to as a mental illness. Unfortunately, both problems feed from each other, creating a strong connectivity that is difficult to break. If drug and/or alcohol abuse is accompanied by mental illness, it becomes necessary to seek dual diagnosis for addiction treatment to achieve the highest level of successful recovery.

One example of a co-occurring condition is Xanax abuse and high-anxiety disorder. Physicians often treat individuals with this disorder with Xanax, a prescription medication that delivers a sedative effect to those individuals who take it. Since the effects of this drug only last for about six hours, the tendency to abuse Xanax is quite common among patients who are experiencing enhanced anxiety.

The abuse of drugs and/or alcohol changes the inner workings of a person's brain, making it more difficult for the patient to control their urges. When this situation is coupled with a mental issue, the problem is compounded. It is important to find reputable dual diagnosis treatment in Lorain when addiction and mental disorder coincide. Treatment addresses both problems at the same time, allowing the patient to break the cycle of mental illness and attempted self-medication

Types of Mental Health Disorders

While some mental illnesses cannot be cured, they can be managed successfully, allowing you to reclaim the life you were meant to enjoy. If you or a loved one have a mental health disorder, dual diagnosis rehab treatment programs in Lorain can help you regain control over your actions. Here is a look at some of the mental health disorders that are commonly associated with drug and alcohol abuse:

Anxiety Disorder -- Often making social interaction impossible or nearly impossible, anxiety disorder is characterized by panic attacks, severe worry when it is not warranted, and high levels of anxiousness, all of which are accompanied by a fear of interaction with people.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder -- Often given the moniker "ADHD", attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is accompanied by the inability to control one's actions for long periods of time, impulsive acts, and episodes of hyperactivity during which the individual shows signs of not being able to concentrate on any one task for a given length of time.

Bipolar Disorder -- Identified as a mood disorder, bipolar disorder involves alternating episodes of high levels of manic euphoria and severe depression.

Depression -- Severe levels of depression prevent normal activity such as maintaining personal hygiene, eating nutritional meals, and completing tasks. Typically, the individual is able to sleep but does so excessively.

OCD -- Also called obsessive-compulsive disorder, this condition features impaired decision-making capabilities and the inability to control behaviors through compulsions, or thoughts which are obsessions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder -- Also known under the tag of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder is characterized by sleep disorders and flashbacks. Typically, a flashback to a traumatic event leads to behavior that resembles other anxiety disorders.

Schizophrenia -- Identified as a psychotic disorder, schizophrenia is accompanied by hallucinations, delusions, and detrimental emotional activity, thoughts, or responses.

Seek Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Lorain

If any of this sounds familiar, it might be time to look into the benefits of receiving dual diagnosis treatment in Lorain. Programs are available that can help you get through each of the stages involved in dual diagnosis for addiction treatment.

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