Relapse Prevention in Lorain, OH

Maintaining a drug-free or alcohol-free lifestyle is a constant choice. Along the way, recovering patients might discover the need to look into relapse prevention in Lorain. Staying sober in a world where temptation is just around the corner is difficult.

Fortunately, multiple relapse prevention treatment programs are available that can assist people in resisting their temptations. A few new friends might even be found along the way.

What is Relapse Prevention in Lorain?

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs provide ongoing support and aftercare for patients who want or need additional help in staying sober after leaving our alcohol addiction rehab in Lorain. Each program offers unique aspects such as group counseling instead of individual therapy or sober-living arrangements instead of residing in your own home, but all relapse prevention treatment programs have one thing in common and that is to assist patients in staying sober for as long as possible.

Each program offers emotional support in preventing a relapse and functions on the premise of taking recovery one day at a time. The ultimate goal is to give recovering patients the tools needed to avoid using drugs or alcohol because they are emotionally upset, bored with life, or sad.

Why Are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs recognize the likelihood of a relapse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the chronic nature of addiction makes it more likely for a recovering addict to experience a relapse. One of the tips that relapse prevention treatment programs teach is that a variety of strategies can help you maintain your drug free/alcohol free goals. They include each of the following tips:

  • Take care of personal hygiene needs -- Getting a shower, brushing your teeth, and combing your hair can make you feel better, while also helping to protect you against unwanted illnesses.
  • Take care of your mental well-being -- Finding a hobby or something that you enjoy doing can improve your outlook on life.
  • Take care of your health -- Always get a full night's sleep and eat nutritious foods.
  • Stay away from bad influences -- Stop hanging out with friends or family members who use alcohol or drugs.
  • Stay away from high-risk situations -- Avoid places where you might see your drug supplier or where you used drugs or alcohol.
  • Be aware -- Watch your body for signs you might relapse and get support from a sponsor or counselor to help keep you sober.
  • Avoid triggers -- You know what they are, so stay away from the triggers that lead you to use.
  • Stay in counseling -- Keep up with your counseling sessions because they can help you to avoid temptation.
  • Attend 12-step programs -- A 12-step program provides the support and guidance needed to remain in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

What do Relapse Prevention Programs Aim to Accomplish?

Drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs are designed to help patients continue their efforts to remain sober once they leave inpatient treatment centers. In particular, relapse prevention in Lorain provides support in helping patients resist temptation through as many strategies as they are willing to try.

Additionally, addiction treatment programs in Lorain try to teach patients that staying sober is a lifelong process that is going to require their participation on a daily basis. Understanding the chronic nature of this problem is critical in giving patients the ability to avoid falling back into old habits and patterns of use.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

Recovering from addiction is a lifelong goal that is often easier to achieve through participation in relapse prevention treatment programs that offer added emotional support and professional guidance. Here is a look at some of the most popular drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/ Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings -- Attending meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous provides strong support that can help keep you sober.
  • Group Counseling -- Joining group counseling sessions provides continuing emotional support from individuals who are experiencing similar situations.
  • Therapy Sessions -- Continuing your individual therapy sessions individualized guidance that can help you resist temptations.
  • Halfway Houses -- Offering a controlled environment, halfway houses give recovering patients a safe place to live along with emotional support.
  • Outpatient Treatment -- Offering the flexibility of being able to return home, outpatient treatment offers ongoing support through required daytime counseling sessions.
  • Sober-Living Homes -- Providing a supportive environment for recovery, sober homes offer the kind of structured living that makes it easier to remain drug or alcohol free.

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